Truhorsemanship is a family business run by Clint & Shawnele Surplus with the help of our 3 youngest children: Kasen, Mesa and Sadie. We operate in beautiful Tumalo, Oregon near the Cascade mountain range.

Both natives of the high desert here in central Oregon, we have enjoyed horses our whole lives - lives that now focus on our faith, family, and fine horsemanship. We were both raised with horses by parents who were horse people. While we both wandered near and far and experienced many different things in early adulthood, we both returned to the area and I was able to get a loop on Shawnele and dally tight before she had the sense to duck and run.

The horse is an amazing animal that has a long and deeply profound history with humans. To say that the horse has greatly impacted the history of mankind is putting it mildly. For centuries, horses were the equivalent of the internal combustion engine.  They have transported us across countries, into war, and in many recreational activities. Through these things, we have come to understand horses and how to work with them. Many have tried to dominate them through sheer force, with varying degrees of success, but the ones who truly succeed with the horse are those who learn to understand them. That is our goal at Truhorsemanship: teaching the importance of Trust, Respect, and Understanding - and the person's responsibility for clearly and consistently communicating to the horse. We try to emphasize the importance of improving in our horsemanship so we can help our horses improve as well. We strive to help the rider and horse develop a long-term working partnership that is continually refined and enjoyed for many years.


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