Clint's schedule is a work in progress and he occasionally has time to conduct additional clinics, provide demonstrations, or speak to your group.

Inviting Clint to Speak to your Group

Clint is available to speak to a groups on a variety of horsemanship topics depending on his current schedule. These opportunities are more likely to occur outside of the usual riding season as Clint's schedule is fairly well booked spring - mid fall.  Organizers for these events are expected  to provide a suitable location for the event as well as dispersing the advertising that we will make available.  Clint and the event organizer will decide the topic and duration of the talk together.

Hosting a Clint Surplus Clinic

We are excited to work with you to add another clinic to Clint's schedule. The first step in this process is getting in touch with Shawnele about the dates you're considering. Once we have a date that works, we have a packet for organizers to help select facility location, provide advertising assistance, and determine clinic price.

To arrange any of these activities, please contact Shawnele:


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